Features of Wet Grinding

Sharpening width
Wide sharpening width and smooth mirror-finish.
Cuts effortlessly and smoothly.
Blade edge shape
Easy-to-sharpen edge that maintains its sharpness.
1. Sharpening width 2. Sharpness 3. Blade edge shape
Wet Grinding 水砥刃付け
  • Wide sharpening width and smooth mirror-finish
    Smooth and shiny edge
  • The thin blade cuts effortlessly to the end with little resistance
  • The blade comes out smoothly
  • There are no edges so the blade is easy to sharpen
  • The hamaguri shape maintains its sharpness
Ordinary sharpening 一般の刃付け
  • Narrow sharpening width and coarse finish
  • Thick blade requires effort and has greater resistance
  • The edgy blade takes more time to sharpen
  • The blade becomes dull easily
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Sharpness that keeps the food fresh

The thin mirror-finish edge has little resistance against food and enables effortless cutting, giving you a stress-free food preparation experience. Slippery tomato skin and chicken skin can be cut neatly, and the food will have a clean cut surface.

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