Characteristics by Material

High carbon stainless steel
  • An alloy of iron and chromium that is strong against rust.
  • High carbon stainless steel is mainly used for ordinary knives.
    Although it is not as sharp as steel, it is rust resistant and easy to maintain, makin g it suitable for general household use.
  • The price ranges widely.
Composite material
  • Sharp steel (or high carbon stainless steel) used as core material is sandwiched between stainless steel.
  • This is generally called a clad steel knife and has both the sharpness of steel (or stainless steel) and toughness and easy maintenance property of stainless steel.
  • The knife is easy to sharpen as both sides of the core are soft stainless steel.
Damascus steel
  • Different kinds of metal are clad and forged to create distinctive patterns on the steel material. Its greatest feature is the unique ripple-like pattern that appears on the surface when polished, making it a classic example of a high-end culinary knife.
  • The greatest feature of this kind of ceramic is that it is rust resistant.
  • Its sharpness lasts long. However, it is weak against impact and the blade chips easily.
  • Ceramic knives cannot be sharpened with ordinary whetstones.
  • Mainly an alloy of iron and carbon.
  • It is often used for traditional Japanese knives. Steel knives are very sharp but chip easily due to their hardness and rust easily.

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High carbon stainless steel Composite material
(Clad high carbon stainless steel)
Damascus steel Composite material
(Clad steel)
Ceramic Steel
Cross section ステンレス刃物鋼+ステンレス 鋼+ステンレス
Sharpness ○Sharp ○Sharp ○Sharp ◎Very sharp ◎Very sharp ◎Very sharp
Sustainability of sharpness ○Sustainable ○Sustainable ○Sustainable ◎Highly sustainable ◎Highly sustainable ◎Highly sustainable
Hardness of blade edge ○ Softer than steel ○ Softer than steel ○ Softer than steel ◎Hard ◎Hard ◎Hard
Cracks/chipping ◎Strong ◎Strong ◎Strong △Weak △Very Weak △Weak
Rust ○Rust resistant ○Rust resistant ○Rust resistant △Rusts easily (blade edge) ○Rustproof △Rusts easily
Ease of sharpening ○Easy to sharpen ◎Very easy to sharpen ○Easy to sharpen ◎Very easy to sharpen Cannot be sharpened by ordinary whetstones ◎Very easy to sharpen

◎Excellent ○Good △Poor

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