Kitchen Knives

  • Murato

    This series was born from the search for "keen sharpness" and "ease-of-use" pursued by the craftsmen of Tsubame-Sanjo.
    Ideal kitchen knives for various cooking scenes, including novice cooks setting out on a culinary path or chefs who already professionally ply their trade everyday.

  • Verdun

    The design of this series focuses on "ease-of-use" and "sharpness" to fulfill the concept of "fun cooking everyday".
    Thanks to integrated handles, these kitchen knives are easy to clean.

  • Ryuji

    This kitchen knife color series meets HACCP requirements and is designed to make kitchen prep easy, even when hours are long.

  • UN-RYU

    This series of Damascus steel kitchen knives feature an elegant kasumi pattern on the blade. Cobalt-rich VG10 provides a combination of incisive cutting and lasting sharpness commanded by the UN-RYU series.

  • Specialist Kitchen Knives

    Specialist Kitchen Knives

  • Precision Industrial Blades

    Precision Industrial Blades

Kitchen Utensils

  • Fru-Veggie

    The "Fru-Veggie" series lets cooks make light and logical work of fruit and vegetables.

  • Prograde

    Making the most of our skills in blade making, we have developed this utensil series that focuses on cutting, peeling and grating.
    With this series, even the challenging recipes of authentic delights become fun tasks in household kitchens.

  • Karuraku

    This series can be used safely and easily by everyone, from kids to the elderly.

  • Ajiwai

    This kitchen prep series is fully equipped with a wide range of utensils from basic ones through to useful "problem-solving" ones.

  • Satomi Kenmizaki, Cooking expert

    This cooking series contains utensils chosen by Satomi Kenmizaki with the aim of sincerely helping beginners to master tasks in the kitchen.

  • Yakipa

    This "Table Cooking Party" series helps diners get more enjoyment out of hotplate cooking at the table.

  • Pitako

    This kitchen utensil series is ergonomically designed for use by women.